Points to Ponder
Prayer to Pray
Daily Psalm 130  NLT
A song for the ascent to Jerusalem.

1 From the depths of despair, O LORD, I call for your help. 

2 Hear my cry, O Lord. Pay attention to my prayer. 

3 LORD, if you kept a record of our sins, who, O Lord, could ever survive? 

4 But you offer forgiveness, that we might learn to fear you. 

5 I am counting on the LORD; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word. 

6 I long for the Lord more than sentries long for the dawn, yes, more than sentries long for the dawn. 

7 O Israel, hope in the LORD; for with the LORD there is unfailing love and an overflowing supply of salvation. 

8 He himself will free Israel from every kind of sin. 

But You offer forgiveness...
It is so good to be aware that we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. It is a good place to start. We can then gladly move on and throw ourselves on the unfailing love of the Lord.

The psalmist's "But you offer forgiveness,..." in verse four makes all the difference. It reminds me of Paul's statement in I Corinthians 15:57, "But thanks [be] to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." (NKJV)

Count on the Lord's unfailing love, and put all your hope in the Lord's promises!
Lord God, I come before You knowing that I am a sinner in need of your mercy. Thank you that through Jesus Christ You forgive my sins and wash me white as snow!