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Daily Psalm 105  cont.  NLT
26  But the LORD sent Moses his servant, along with Aaron, whom he had chosen.  
27 They performed miraculous signs among the Egyptians, and miracles in the land of Ham.  
28 The LORD blanketed Egypt in darkness, for they had defied his commands to let his people go.  
29 He turned the nation's water into blood, poisoning all the fish.  
30 Then frogs overran the land; they were found even in the king's private rooms.  
31 When he spoke, flies descended on the Egyptians, and gnats swarmed across Egypt.  
32 Instead of rain, he sent murderous hail, and flashes of lightning overwhelmed the land.  
33 He ruined their grapevines and fig trees and shattered all the trees.  
34 He spoke, and hordes of locusts came-- locusts beyond number.  
35 They ate up everything green in the land, destroying all the crops.  
36 Then he killed the oldest child in each Egyptian home, the pride and joy of each family.  
37 But he brought his people safely out of Egypt, loaded with silver and gold; there were no sick or feeble people among them.  
38 Egypt was glad when they were gone, for the dread of them was great.  
39 The LORD spread out a cloud above them as a covering and gave them a great fire to light the darkness.  
40 They asked for meat, and he sent them quail; he gave them manna--bread from heaven.  
41 He opened up a rock, and water gushed out to form a river through the dry and barren land.  
42 For he remembered his sacred promise to Abraham his servant.  
43 So he brought his people out of Egypt with joy, his chosen ones with rejoicing.  
44 He gave his people the lands of pagan nations, and they harvested crops that others had planted.  
45 All this happened so they would follow his principles and obey his laws. Praise the LORD!  

He brought His people out of Egypt with joy!
I love verse 45: "All this happened so they would follow his principles and obey his laws. Praise the LORD!" In Deuteronomy 4:40b God says, "I am giving you these instructions so you will enjoy a long life in the land the Lord your God is giving you for all time." 

Just like the Israelites, we go through trials and tears, but God triumphs gloriously! His promises endure forever! He has given us His Word as a light and a lamp to our feet. As we follow in His ways, we too are blessed with abundant life in Jesus Christ! 

Jesus, I thank you that You came to give life and life more abundantly! Let me walk in Your ways, being blessed and bringing glory to Your name!