"The Psalms of the Bible"    -    A Women's Bible Study

This Bible study is for those that want to take a wonderful journey studying through the book of Psalms! It is designed to develop solid Bible study skills, a confidence to dive into the Word of God for yourself, and a passion to spend time in His Word! It can be used individually or in a group.

Each Psalm has a work/journal sheet for you to record: a theme, points to study further, what you learned about God, what you learned about yourself, and a prayer or a praise from the Psalm.  Additionally there are instructions, resources, helps, and a leader's guide for group study.

Volume 1 covers Psalms 1 - 41

The Psalms of the Bible
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"I want to relate to you something about the Book of Psalms. The more I read and study them the stronger, stronger, stronger I get. It is the same strength that I had in the Lord twenty years ago. I feel like my strength is being restored. I guess I didn't realize how tired I was getting from..."
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